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Bring it on! We love the challenge of new, innovative and unique packaging queries. Will your packaging be our latest adventure? Dings Kartonnages has a track record for clarity, service and transparency.

Our Quality & Service

Quality is high on the agenda at Dings Kartonnages. We hold, of course, all required certifications, such as the BRCGS and FSC, but that is just a small part of our story and something you expect anyway from a serious converter.

Our service makes a difference. From small enterprise to sizeable multinational: we are passionate about designing packaging and we would love to sweep you along by our enthusiasm.

You can expect the following from us!

Our core values

Dings Kartonnages is synonymous with sustainable packaging and ethical business practices. We listen carefully to our customer’s needs and create packaging that is perfectly designed to meet those needs. After all, the packaging tells our customer’s story and increasingly defines the appearance of their product. With over 60 years of experience and vast subject matter expertise, we are able to advise our customers on sustainable, ethical and appealing packaging.

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    We help our customers with every challenge they face and will always go that extra mile for them. We are service-minded and join in our customers’ thought processes.

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    Ethical principles

    Our products and services are ethical. We use ethically sourced materials, and our working flows are ethical. We are open about this in our communication.

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    We clearly outline our expectations when communicating with others. We have a transparent approach and an open mindset in respect of our customers.

That’s how you know it’s good!


We believe it is important that the quality of our products is at a high standard. An extra level of caution is required when producing food packaging. After all, the materials used in packaging of this kind can have a direct impact on our health. At Dings Kartonnages we make informed choices about this, which is why we have proudly held BRCGS accreditation since 2007.

Of course, sustainability also plays a major role in our production process. This starts with the materials chosen. All of our paper types are available as FSC certified. Subsequently, efficient processing of these materials is essential. When designing our packaging, we take into account the best possible sheet layout and, where possible, we design for recycling.

FSC - Dings Kartonnages.


The international, independent FSC® label ensures that raw materials for wood and paper products originate from responsibly managed forests, with full consideration for humans and animals dependent on the forest.

BRC-GS - Dings Kartonnages.


We have held BRCGS accreditation since 2007. This means that the quality and food safety of the packaging that we produce meets the most exacting requirements. This is a global standard for food safety, offering product safety, integrity, validity and quality.



We consider it important to remain involved with our society. Not only does this mean that we do our part when it comes to sustainability and recycling, but also that we are involved in the social aspect of entrepreneurship. For example, we like to offer opportunities to people who find it difficult to navigate the labor market and we support local initiatives that are in line with our own core values and ideals. It isn’t just the packaging that counts. When it comes to Corporate Social Responsibility, we take especially the essence of this extremely seriously.

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Packaging for every product!


Dings Kartonnages is a family business which is firmly grounded in Limburg. For many years, we have printed stylish beermats for various large and smaller Dutch and international breweries and we supply different bakeries and patisseries with distinctive sweet pie and cake boxes.

Our successful partnerships extend far beyond the provincial borders. National and international producers display and send their products in packaging from our coverter.

Our go-getters!

Our Team

Each and every one of our employees are passionate about packaging. From customer service to pre-press, and from design to production employees: they know the ropes and love their work.

At Dings Kartonnages, you can therefore count on it: no nonsense, but simply good advice, decisiveness and personal attention.

  • Sander Stultjens

    Accountmanager/Business Developer

  • Michel Trepels


  • Jill Vervoort


  • Wil Segers


  • Cas Dings


  • Jos Willemsen

    Sales Manager

  • Erland van Well

    Company Manager

  • Gerald Peeters


  • Joyce Stenebome

    Sales front office

  • Erik Buskens

    Teamleader Production

  • Anita Vennekens


  • Paul Sassen


Dings Kartonnages.

More than just cardboard

Our true passion is about making innovative packaging. Nevertheless, we also specialize in printing personalized beermats. Visit the website of our subsidiary - viltjes.nl - where you can very easily design your own beermats for weddings, parties and other special events. You can place an order for a print run upwards of just 500 units!



Do you require non-binding and honest advice, or a firm quotation? Would you like to exchange ideas about the possibilities? We would love to bring our years of experience to the table! We work with you to decide on which packaging, design, material type and print run are best suited to your product. Feel free to email or ring us, or arrange to visit our converter in Tegelen.

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