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The best ideas fit on the back of a beermat. That’s why we like to help you, to see how we can give substance to your ideas.


As the largest beermat producer in the Benelux region, the products of Dings Kartonnages increase the festive spirit at a variety of events and special occasions. Beermats are a perfect way of promoting your brand or a special promotion. They are easy to distribute, relatively inexpensive and attract attention at a time at which your potential customer is feeling nice and relaxed. With a funny slogan or playful image, they will always liven things up. What about a brainteaser mat? Or a mat which allows you to ask the DJ to play a specific song.

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Personalized beermats for every occasion

Are you looking for a personalized beermat for a birthday, baby shower, stag or hen party or wedding? Through our sister website, you can design your own beermat in an instant and you can order your own beermats in small or large print runs. A personal beermat is perfect as a gift for a party animal, or as a decorative item that won’t easily be forgotten. Personalized beermats for every occasion.


Do you require non-binding and honest advice, or a firm quotation? Would you like to exchange ideas about the possibilities? We would love to bring our years of experience to the table! We work with you to decide on which packaging, design, material type and print run are best suited to your product. Feel free to email or ring us, or arrange to visit our converter in Tegelen.

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