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Food service sector

From beermats to disposables and from doggy bags to table setters: packaging and printed matter add to the ambiance in the food service sector. Dings Kartonnages loves to bring its years of experience to the table when you wish to develop your own packaging line.

Food service sector

We have extensive experience with designing and producing packaging for pop-up restaurants, food trucks, cafeterias and snack bars. French fry trays, snack trays, heat-retaining containers, hamburger boxes: all of these are commonplace for us. Nevertheless, we also offer different types of packaging and cardboard products for ‘conventional’ restaurants, such as doggy bags or gift packaging. For producers that often work with the food service sector, we also provide beermats, displays or table setters. In short, everything that embodies food service has a place at Dings Kartonnages!


Do you require non-binding and honest advice, or a firm quotation? Would you like to exchange ideas about the possibilities? We would love to bring our years of experience to the table! We work with you to decide which packaging, design, material type and print run are best suited to your product. Feel free to email or ring us, or arrange to visit our converter in Tegelen.

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