Corrugated cardboard & Displays

What about a bargain at the till, or perhaps try out that special offer? With a display made from corrugated cardboard you will always attract attention!

Corrugated cardboard & Displays

Displays are ideal for showcasing specific products or brands in your store. Displays made from corrugated cardboard go hand-in-hand with promotional marketing. They attract attention and offer space to make a feature of a brand, house style and product. A counter display therefore often tempts customers to make impulse purchases. We would love to help you to think through an ideal design. Our advanced CAD system and cutting plotter enables us to quickly create models and mock-ups, small print runs are possible and we can deliver swiftly at affordable prices.


Do you require non-binding and honest advice, or a firm quotation? Would you like to exchange ideas about the possibilities? We would love to bring our years of experience to the table! We work with you to decide on which packaging, design, material type and print run are best suited to your product. Feel free to email or ring us, or arrange to visit our converter in Tegelen.

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