From food to non-food and from display to cardboard: Dings Kartonnages offers suitable packaging for every use, both from stock and customized.

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Packaging increasingly defines a product’s appeal. French fries presented in a cheerfully colored tray give consumers a more enjoyable taste experience, and tempting product packaging gives consumers a final nudge when they reach the till. From beer packaging to French fry trays, and from letterbox friendly boxes to displays: learn more about our comprehensive range of standard products and explore the possibilities of our fully customizable, catchy packaging.

Packaging for every product!


Dings Kartonnages is a family business which is firmly grounded in Limburg. For many years, we have printed stylish beermats for various large and smaller Dutch and international breweries and we supply different bakeries and patisseries with distinctive sweet pie and cake boxes.

Our successful partnerships extend far beyond the provincial borders. National and international producers display and send their products in packaging from our converter. 

Dings Kartonnages.

Customized packaging

In many cases, our comprehensive standard product range covers customer requirements, but sometimes customized packaging has to be developed. Sometimes the product has an unusual shape, there are special requirements with regard to conservation or transport, or our client simply wants something innovative. We like to talk through the possibilities with you and brainstorm pioneering solutions. As a packaging specialist, we are happy to provide you with expert advice and, ultimately, a fully customized design.  

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More than just cardboard

Our true passion is about making innovative packaging. Nevertheless, we also specialize in printing personalized beermats. Visit the website of our subsidiary - - where you can very easily design your own beermats for weddings, parties and other special events. You can place an order for a print run upwards of just 500 units!

Innovative packaging

Creating packaging is actually like doing a jigsaw puzzle: with the materials and tools available to you, how do you arrive at the perfect solution? When we talk about innovative packaging, we mean (among other things) the following:
we use pioneering materials and cardboard types and investigate alternatives to plastic and aluminum with similar barrier properties. We design for recycling. That is why, where possible, we use mono-materials and avoid plastic/cardboard combinations where possible. We pay attention to the best possible sheet layout when printing and die-cutting our products, therefore limiting the amount of waste.
Finally, we enjoying experimenting with different construction methods. The focus might be on ease of use, sturdiness, or on artistry and aesthetics. We refer to this as out-of-the-box thinking. 


Do you require non-binding and honest advice, or a firm quotation? Would you like to exchange ideas about the possibilities? We would love to bring our years of experience to the table! We work with you to decide on which packaging, design, material type and print run are best suited to your product. Feel free to email or ring us, or arrange to visit our converter in Tegelen.

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